Mobile Digital Billboard Advertising

WMU Comensolis Ad on Mobile Digital Billboard

Extremely Captivating

The digital mobile advertising medium has been proven to be more effective at reaching and creating a captivating impression that other forms of out of home advertising including digital non-mobile billboards, non-digital mobile advertisements and other out of home advertising mediums. Animations and the up close factor play a big part as they command attention.

WMU Fans Mobile Billboard

Cutting Edge Technology

The IDEA Extender mobile digital billboard uses a high quality, bright LED screen to showcase advertisements. You can change your advertisement from your home or office computer. We also have an outdoor sound system so if your advertisements have audio that will also play providing another layer of engagement unmatched by any other outdoor advertising medium.

WMU Game Digital Billboard

Exceptional Branding

Mobile billboard advertising offers exceptional branding as we can give your brand exposure in key areas to individuals whom may not have been reach through your companies other brand advertising mediums. There is also a tremendous association factor as your brand is seen on our unique and powerful mobile LED billboard.

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Mobile Outdoor Advertising That Works

Look, we all know that effectively advertising to your customers is not an easy job. We’ve gotten poor returns too!

You need to extend your reach and actually catch the attention of your audience. IDEA’s Extender Mobile LED Screen solves this problem because people can’t possibly ignore the screen. In Fact according to a UK national survey, Capitol Communications Group found that 81.7% of those polled recalled images they saw on a moving multi-image sign. This is compared to a 19% retention rate for static signs.

Unlike traditional billboard advertising, which is typically priced over $1,800 per month, we provide a cost effective alternative and can create a bigger impact through our up close and personal factor not to mention uniqueness of mobile LED advertising. We have the highest resolution for outdoor LED screens for amazing picture quality. We can adapt with our dynamic solution by going where your customers are and actually varying our routes in order to reach a wider audience.

The IDEA Extender Mobile LED Screen Advertising

If you want to truly stand out and command the attention of a larger audience you need to highly consider claiming your spot on the only mobile LED screen in West Michigan. To maintain effective exposure we have to limit advertising spots to 60. This guarantees you over 1,000 impressions per month!


How Extender Mobile LED Screen Advertising Works

Extender travels down all main roads, roads with the highest traffic volume and upon request roads specific to customers needs. Extender will be present at all local large scale events. Extender’s drivers are licensed and insured and will be well dressed and professional. The logic behind this is we place your ads in areas with the most traffic at eye level. Drivers are awed by Extender and during our testing we have literally turned heads. There is no other vehicle in Kalamazoo that can deliver rich digital content to direct audiences like Extender. With 1440 impressions per 16 day monthly cycle your cost per impression is $0.24 cents  the lowest cost offline advertising available.  Extender will travel to areas upon request.

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Affordable Cost Effective Pricing

  1. Daily Events on site 4 hours max $800.00 Plus Tax
  2. 3 Day on site Max 15 hours $2400.00 Plus Tax
  3. Weekly on site Max 30 hours $3500.00 Plus Tax
  4. Month subscribe $1000 Plus Tax
  5. Yearly Subscribe ONLY $300.00 per month with 3 Month Minimum Down $900 (Auto Pay Required)

Advertisement creation $99.99 per ad, you may supply your own ads


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